innovations for life as mission statement

Together with our customers we work on the future for mankind and nature.

Due to our innovative and environmentally friendly products, we help our customers achieve a long-term economic success. A success that is attractive, convinving and sustainable. Indeed, we are convinced that a long-term success may only be guarantees if it is in tune with nature.

In the beginning there was the concept
From this thought came the idea
From this came the company
GEOplast chose the elements
From energy came
From regenerative energy
From energy storage came
From water came
From water catchment came
From drainage came
… man and the environment in harmony.
… innovations for our life in the envionment.
GEOplast – innovations for life!
water and energy.
… regenerative energy.
… came energy storage.
… pellet storage systems
… water catchment and drainage.
… drinking water and rainwater systems.
… sewage systems.
GEOplast – innovations for life! … let's travel together into the future
… for man and the environment.