Perfect underground storage

The GEOplast experts‘ many years of experience resulted in developing of GEOtank: the seamlessly manufactured tank is space-saving, cost-effective and easy to operate. The heart of the GEOtank is a feeding system which is a special development and is compatible with all leading pellet boiler brands.

The closed conveying air circuit prevents any mixing with the tank air, which could result condensation. Moreover, any electrostatic charging is discharged via special plastic material. Pellets and GEOtank are an excellent combination of natural energy carrier and perfect technology – everything is fully automatic, clean and trouble-free.

Versions GEOtank


GEOtank (4 - 6 tons)

The GEOtank is ready for connection, and compatible with all leading pellet boilers with suction system.

  • plastic tank with internal steel frame
  • incl. man-hole pit and man-hole lid
  • incl. service lid
  • incl. filling necks with Storz-A coupling or “Guillemin coupling” (-FR )
  • incl. holding system SG2, with holding motor incl. integrated overload protection
  • incl. ABS-control GEO-EG2 for the electronic protection of the holding unit, automatic disconnection and cleaning during faulty extraction and motor protection
GEOtank underground storage/
Dimensions »
Art. No. Volume (m³) Storage (t) Height (cm) DN (cm)
GEO8-T2/EG2 (-FR) 8 4 290 235
GEO11-T2/EG2 (-FR) 11 6 370 235

Mounting versions


The advantages of the GEOtank


The filling necks allow easy, clean and dust-free filling of the GEOtank right from the pellet truck. The filling system guarantees that the pellets are handled with care.

easy to maintain

If necessary, the complete feeding system can be removed and reinstalled even when the GEOtank is full.


The GEOtank is an advanced design made from a highly resistant plastic material. Because of its special manufacturing the tank is absolutely tight and provides optimum protection for the stored pellets. In addition, the special plastic material prevents any electrostatic charging of the bulk material.

continuous operation

The GEOtank is fully automatic and has a perfect, continuous feeding system. Independent from the filling level or pressure, the dosing screw allows a constant feeding of pellets.

optimum feeding

The inclined bottom and the defined cone allow an optimum feeding of pellets.


The GEOtank is a full-featured system in which has been solved all issues of ground storage.